Friday, December 23, 2011

Swetha Menon Spicy Pictures from Rathinirvedam Cinema

Actress Swetha Menon is the heroine of the movie Rathinirvedam.

Rathi Nirvedam is the remake of the old cinema that was released in 1980's in Kerala.

This evergreen cinema's remake has been a great success in Mollywood.

The character played by Swetha Menon in this film was that of Rathi Chechi and actor Sreejith played the role of Pappu in this cinema.
set mundu neriyathu photo of swetha menon

sexy actress swetha menon in skirt pavada blouse in malayalam movie rathinirvedam
Lungi Blouse wearing actress Swetha Menon in movie Rathinirvedam
The cinema Rathinirvedam was released in June 2011 in all theaters in Kerala.

The spicy scenes in this malayalam movie Rathi Nirvedam has attracted a lot of audience.

But there was complaint that the remake was not as hot as the original one in which Jayabharathi has made a tremendous skin show.

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scenes from movie rathinirvedam remake
Swetha Menon posters from rathinirvedam
Swetha Menon's rathinirvedam cinema

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